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Lake Haus By-laws do not permit tenants to have pets; this includes visiting pets. Owners may have no more than two dogs and are to control their pets at all times. Animal feces are to be picked up immediately and are not to be left to accumulate overnight or during the day. Pets are not allowed to be tied to the decks, patios, trees, buildings, etc. at any time.


a. Residents shall exercise extreme care not to make noise, or use musical instruments, radios, TVs, stereos, amplifiers, of such volume that may disturb other residents or to have social parties that may do the same. QUIET HOURS are 10 P.M to 6 A.M.

b. It is prohibited to hang bicycles, canoes, sporting goods, garments, rugs, clotheslines, etc. from the windows, railings, and patios or from any part of the buildings.

c. All personal possessions must be kept on the patios and below the railing.

d. Dumpsters are provided for trash. Trash is not to be left in the halls.

e. Smoking is prohibited in condominiums and in common stairwells, decks, and patios. Smoking is permitted outdoors away from all entrances.


Reserved parking is provided for ONE VEHICLE per unit. All extra vehicles are to be parked in the designated common parking areas. Inoperable or junk vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense. Mechanical repairs and overhauls are not allowed to be performed without permission. Parking of boats, trailers, motorcycles, dirt bikes, recreational vehicles, and snowmobiles, etc. is not permitted on a permanent basis without permission from the management or board of directors. Only TWO vehicles are allowed per condo. Vehicles of any kind are not permitted on the lawns or open spaces without permission. Snowmobiles are not to be operated on the property,


All vehicles must be moved to accommodate snow removal. If necessary, vehicles will be towed away for snow removal at the owner’s expense. Please do not park in areas designated for snow storage.


Entry doors must be kept closed at all times. Halls are to be kept clean and must not be used for work areas, playgrounds, or storage. The entry door to each condominium unit should be kept closed when not in use. The closets under the stairs are not to be used for storage of personal items.  Ready access to the water valves must be maintained. Anything stored under the stairs will be discarded. Because of our severe winters, all thermostats must be set and left on a minimum temperature of 55 to 60 degrees, so that the water pipes do not freeze. The resident managers will control the thermostats in the halls; no resident is to turn the heat up or down.


It is recommended that the water to a condominium unit be turned off when said unit is not in use.

If the water is turned off in your condo, the shut-off valves (2, one above the other) are located under the stairway in the common area hall.


The Lake Haus Condominium Association is not responsible for personal injury, loss, or damage to personal property within the individual condominiums.

Only Gas or electric BBQ grills are allowed. No charcoal grills.

Installation of natural gas appliances or outdoor grills may be done if county permits are obtained, the resident manager must be informed and give approval, all outside pipes must be painted to match the buildings, and the homeowner must pay all costs of the installation. The homeowner will assume all liability, now and in the future, for such installations.
Lake Haus Bylaws